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Ah, the heart & soul of our business! We've happily assisted hundreds of customers sell tickets to thousands of events that have sold tens of millions of dollars worth of tickets. So, we justifiably feel like we've learned a thing or two about selling tickets and were glad to pass on any of that experience to you and your event.

Call Center. Our Call Center is located in our offices and handle calls that cover each North American time zone. We make sure that any question or concern from an event attendee is answered so you won't have to when you're busy working to make the event the best it possibly can be.

Account Manager. When you start selling tickets with Xorbia Tickets you're assigned an account manager that best suites your needs i.e. venue, festival, etc. Your account manager is available around the clock to address any questions you might have about your event.

If your event team deserves a great and easy-to-use ticket sales system that's supported by an amazingly passionate team of professionals then you should get started with us today. Whatever your event needs; promo codes, online marketing ROI tracking, customized tickets, multiple entry point access control... we're here to make it happen. Get started today!


Tickets by Text Message!

We send tickets by Email or SMS We still send tickets via email for print-at-home but we're now helping to reduce refuse at your events and making it convenient for your attendees to bring their tickets. Our scanners have no problem scanning these smart phone tickets unlike some competitors. Your attendees will love it!


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