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7 Practices of Great Leaders

Improve Communication. Increase Focus. Overcome Mediocrity. Achieve Goals Faster

7 Practices of Great Leaders Full Day Leadership Event exists to equip business leaders, managers, supervisors, directors and teams to: 

  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Focus
  • Overcome Mediocrity
  • Achieve Goals Faster

Delivered by nationally recognized leadership expert, Justin Maust.  Your team will experience and learn the 7 Practices of Great Leaders in a powerfully simply, passionate and authentic delivery style that provides practical tools to drive results for you and your team.

What will this event do for you and your team?

  • Learn the 7 practices of Great Leaders
  • Receive a 7 Practices Workbook
  • Participate in Group Discussions to APPLY the 7 Practices
  • Clarify Your Priorities
  • Identify Barriers to Your Success
  • Leave with a 90-Day Action Plan

Visit\7Practices for more information or contact Event Director, Sheila Dodd at 574-370-7708 with questions.