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Following 3 year's of sold out wizard themed pub crawls in Atlanta and Athens,  Markster Con's WIZARD PUB CRAWL is expanding to Georgia's oldest city – Savannah!

Come out Saturday, June 16th, 2018 for a stroll through some of Savannah's most magical pubs with various pubs hosting wizard themed stops (Wizard Registry, Badger's Burrow, Snake's Pit, Lion's Den and Eagle's Nest), along with special, magical themed shots, a wizard costume contest, photographers, a House Points contest (via Colored Event Badges), exclusive drink/shot specials and much more!

(TBA) >>>>>>>>> MORE INFO. TO COME as weekend nears <<<<<<<<<<<

---> FREE HANDMADE WAND with all 'Early Wizard' tickets purchased by 4/1/2018 (or once 100 tickets are sold) SOLD OUT!
$20 Adv. tickets now available.

HOUSE-COLORED BADGES (included with ticket if purchased by 6/1/18):
• Pre-registered attendees who purchase by 6/1/18 (midnight) will get to pick their own house color commemorative event badge. On the back of the badge will be a list of House Point tasks that attendees can try to achieve during the crawl. Afterwards they can return to the GRADUATION GATHERING (location TBA) and claim their personalized Attendance Letter after presenting and Free EXPECTO HANGOVER shot glass (available for those who register by 6/1/18).

THEMED SHOT SPECIALS (exclusive for registered attendees):
• Registered attendees (i.e. those with House Colored badges) will get a special low price on themed shots at each stop (shots TBA)

• Who doesn't like to get their photo taken!?!? We will have different photo stations, available only for registered attendees with a colored event badge! 

• Registered attendees will get a FREE, commemorative 8.5" x 11" Wizard Pub Crawl ATTENDANCE LETTER. 

"WIZARD WEEKLY" NEWSPAPER (included with ticket if purchaed by 6/1/18):
• Registered attendees will get their own special printed issue of the Savannah WIZARD WEEKLY, highlighting the event during the night, as well as a map of pub crawl stops, contests, exclusive discounts at participating businesses, description of the "House Points" contest and how to earn your own Wizard Pub Crawl ATTENDANCE LETTER (frameable) at the end of the event and much more!

COLLECTIBLE WIZARD PUB CRAWL 1.25" PIN(included with ticket if purchased by 6/1/18):
• While at WIZARD REGISTRY, attendees will receive a collectible 1.25" WIZARD PUB CRAWL pin according to their House Colored badge of choice (available for those who register by 6/1/18).

FREE EXPECTO HANGOVER™ SHOT GLASS (included with ticket if purchased by 6/1/18):
• Pre-registered attendees will get a FREE collectible Savannah EXPECTO HANGOVER™ shot glass during the GRADUATION GATHERING - but only available to those who order tickets by June 1st, 2018.

"WIZARD PUB CRAWL" EXPECTO HANGOVER™ T-SHIRTs (5 color options – $15 / $20, optional purchase):
• Pre-order for pick-up at event, available in sizes XS-XXXL (unisex). 5 colors options available. $15 – Early Wizard pricing, $20 – price from April 1st-June 1st, 2018 (MUST be pre-ordered). Shirt design:

-------> Much more info. to be released as we get closer as far as official pubs stop, drink/shot specials, photo ops, House Points competition and more! 

Produced by

>>>>>>>>> MORE INFO. TO COME as weekend nears <<<<<<<<<<<

NOTE: This event is in no way affiliated with the Harry Potter franchise, J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. or any of their affiliates