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Wild Heaven SEVEN

Celebrating seven years of Wild Heaven Beer

We've been stashing away special kegs for a year, patiently waiting for our birthday weekend. The time is nearly here, and we'd sure like to celebrate with you. Get tickets to our Wild Heaven Seven party and join us on Sunday, May 21 from 1-6 PM. Live music, our best tap list ever, food trucks, and a take home souvenir-- a 750mL bottle of "Seventh Heaven". Carefully selected, specially blended, never to be released into the wild, Brewmaster Eric Johnson has created and bottled intense happiness for our seventh anniversary.


7th Heaven (Anniversary Beer)
2017 Gravitational Wave RIS
Emmylou Barrel-Aged Sour
Joni Barrel-Aged Sour
Mavis Barrel-Aged Sour
Goodvice Double IPA
BA White Blackbird w/Plums
Watermelon EDB
Dionysus Cuvee
Height of Civilization
Diode (BA Ode/Eschaton Blend)
2016 Special Winter Ale
+ all year-round beers