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Wine Riot - Chicago


Wine lovers, cleanse those palates. Wine Riot is your all-access pass to hundreds of new wines. With two parts education and one part revolution, Wine Riot has reinvented “wine tasting” for the thirsty and curious. Grab a glass and hit the floor — it’s you unleashed to sample wines from across the globe. Travel the world of wine all under one roof and tackle things you’ve never tried before. We’ve rallied up a team of die-hard experts to bring you the brain juice: interactive booths and crash courses loaded with tips and tricks for conquering the wine world. Fueling your night of conquest is a temporary tattoo booth, photo booth, our famous Bubbly Bar and a few thousand of your fellow winos.

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You know whether you’re a Carrie or a Samantha, a Kramer or a George; wouldn’t you like to know if you prefer Pinot over Chardonnay? Think of us as your cool older cousin that bought you your first drink, your personal spirit guide into the exciting world of wine. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy wine but don’t you wish someone told you to skip the wine coolers and go straight to Rosé?


We’re here to help you make better (wine) decisions, make the best selections for your palette, join other wine-curious and together, let’s explore the flavors of different regions &  brands. The right wine can speak to the soul, enhance your dish or take Sunday-Funday to the next level. You don’t have to play a wine guessing game, our events put the “fun” back into the fundamentals of wine-education.

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