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Xorbia Tickets Access Control

We deliver tickets to attendees almost instaneously via email and/or text message. Now, let's talk about how you can, with little effort, validate each of these tickets . We have two approaches to validation; high-volume and low volume.

High Volume. High volume is considered 500 or more tickets. If you sell this many tickets, you're going to need equipment that will scan your attendees in ultra-fast and securely in an attempt to avoid lines after the gate entry as opened while ensuring that no one ticket enters more than once. We offer wireless barcode scanner technology that will validate tickets within a fraction of a second. Our scanners are light-weight and easy to use. Have multiple entry points? No problem. This is essentially our sweet spot. Our wireless technology can stretch as far out as it needs in order to validate each and every ticket.

Low Volume. Low volume is considered under 500 tickets. We have an app for that! You can use your very own iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone to validate each ticket. If you need one of these devices, we can send one your way for the event. Just pack it up and send it back when you're done. Your attendees will be impressed as they walk in and you'll be glad you're using the easiest scanner ever invented inside a mobile device.

The technology is the easy part. It's the customer service that really counts, right? Click on the next link to find out what our initial thoughts are on our customer service.


Tickets by Text Message!

We send tickets by Email or SMS We still send tickets via email for print-at-home but we're now helping to reduce refuse at your events and making it convenient for your attendees to bring their tickets. Our scanners have no problem scanning these smart phone tickets unlike some competitors. Your attendees will love it!


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